Poems by Miljana Živanović

Poems by Miljana Živanović
I want space and distances,
effortlessly carrying the wind
flying around the world like an albatross …
I’m without freedom as …
songs without notes, voice without sound
and no one will hear me …
Blank pen, wordless book,
the story that was written
but no one will read it.
I walk through the tunnel, I don’t see the light
and it has no end …
I long for freedom
because time is not still
in me it seems like gypsy blood is boiling …
My freedom from flesh and blood,
I’m coming from everywhere and I’m not going anywhere!
I turn my back on despair.
And I cry for joy…
the first time after a pardon!
Traveling nomad
No, I didn’t forget.
I was there,
With you….
from a disguise, a hidden view,
many surrounded you, uplifted.
I came
to face myself
stairs that are a stumbling block,
bitter pill I have to swallow …
I went quietly
in a hurry not to be late,
I forgot my coat.
A disadvantage in me…
And like a traveling nomad
that void full of things
that surround me …
Background from yesterday in the hall from today….
@All Copyright Reserved
Miljana Živanović

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