Poems by Pavol JANIK

Poems by Pavol JANIK
For You
I’m illegally drunk forever.
Until today you’ve stopped my breathing with desire
at the most inappropriate moments.
You explode within me
like an export explosive
freeing the energy
of fruit pips.
You pulse in my veins
persistent as piercing light.
Through the permanent breaking
of traffic laws
we will be convicted forever
by an unextinguishable fire in my blood
in the back window
of your eyes.
Why There Are Wives For Us
So they can keep up the fire
in the most interior of fridges,
so they can extinguish our hot heads,
so we can get burnt
by their flaming gaze,
so they can give us sense
by holding our beastly Golem in us,
so they can earth
the lightning of our pride
in collective destruction.
For this they are needed
– closer than a shirt,
buttoned by children with us
together, one in one,
on whom we are dependent
irresistibly so.

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