Poems by Mar Thieriot


Dancing in the dark side
Upon an impossible light
Dancing in the palm of your hand
While you are dreaming
Dancing alone
But dancing still
I know you see me
Eyes closed
From pain and fatigue
Of being alive
I know you feel me
When I count your breaths
At 2 am.
Nobody is there
But us
Isolated together
Our only quest
Stay alive.

Mar Thieriot 11 May 2020
Dancing in the dark side oil on canvas Mar Thieriot



Love is each time
Each gesture
Each word
For ever
Each talk
A secret shared
Each day
A victory over death
My dear
There Is no end
To love
Even when it is
All over
Our heart remains burned
By its impossible light.

Mar Thieriot 12 May 2020
oil on canvas An enlightened winter



Slow walk
In the quiet room
Life again
Waking up
Blue birds
Jazz notes
Feels like spring
Pain is gone
Once more
Miles Davis is jamming
In heaven
I miss Venice.

Mar Thieriot 13 mai 2020
Oil on canvas an enlightened winter Mar Thieriot
Expo at Georges Laoun Montreal (St. Denis) closed by now


Mar Thieriot

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