Poems by Asiimwe Simon

Poems by Asiimwe Simon
Nelson Mandela
He fell in the world like dripping rain
He shone in the land like a moving star
He walked the way that was full of pain
The journey was tough but he walked far
The song he sung in his callusing chains
Is the same that broke our prison bars.
And then like a farmer he sowed his seeds
Upon this soil by the river that flow
And some said the field was full of weeds
Growing quickly and the crops slow
But for he said his field was a string of beads
With diverse colors and beautiful more.
Here comes a new day with our morning bride,
Elegantly shining over the easterly hills.
Her magical ornaments illuminating the world,
With a typical vitality less known to the humans.
Oh, such an envoy of power in the nature’s realm,
Impressing our bards across generations.
Priests, wizards and men of profound wisdom,
Submitting to her power for rightful divinations,
In the morning as she rises the birds sing,
Their sweetest melodies to welcome the day.
Her Noble impression has made her the divine queen,
To whom all the universe is willing to obey.
©Asiimwe Simon

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