Friend in Need / Poem by Narsing Bongu Rao

Poem by Narsing Bongu Rao
Friend in Need
I am wading through
troubled waters,
at a time of real hardship,
the mind is distressed,
but then I feel a warm hand,
just to say, “I am there,
and shall always be”.
Who else could it be,
but for a friend;
a true friend!
Nothing can ever be sweeter,
than friendship,
when the whole world
seems like hell
and all measures to live seems to fail,
there, I get this wonderful fragrance,
a fragrance of my dear friend.
We travel together,
as a shadow of each other,
in the comfort of companionship,
filled with confidence,
to face the world,
whatever the situation be.
We are friends forever,
even when miles apart,
he shall keep a track of me,
with no hesitation he shall risk himself,
to serve me with the best;
The thorns on the ground
shall never hurt,
with this friendship,
bonded forever.

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