Being a watchman of light / Poem by by Krishna Prasai

Poem by by Krishna Prasai
Being a watchman of light
At that time,
The whole heat was lost,
All the light had disappeared,
And all the warmth was stolen.
Even the Sun which distributed warmth equally
Had cooled down,
In whose presence
The existence of cold felt itself an orphan.
And at that time
Only sheltering the empires of the cold
The stars stayed awake in the sky.
And constantly hugging the only Moon under their arms,
They were showering dews,
Dropping the cold,
And throwing down frost.
With the pride of height
Bragging its power
The sky was intoxicated at that time,
Maybe, the sky was getting highly puffed up.
Even if several Springs descended
It always let the Autumn come to fruition,
And helped the snow rain
And sprinkled the cold wind.
The sky thus at that time
Was waiting for an opportunity
To swallow up our existence.
We the individuals on earth below
Were unable to get a clear majority,
For our right to live
In severe cold, under dark shades
Were cramped,
And with a view to bringing back
Our warmth robbed by the sky
Down to the earth
United together against the sky,
Tried constantly to fill the groups,
And raised our slogans.
You, the sky, who rob the heat,
Now on don’t mock at us in any way –
We are humans and our right to exist as man
Don’t hatch conspiracies to snatch away.
Even up to that time
We standing in the demonstrations
Remained in search of heat –
And we were preparing ourselves to bring back
Our warmth-producing mechanisms
Snatched away by the sky
As this struggle continued,
Threatened with our voice,
Frightened by our crowds,
When it could do nothing to stop,
One day
The sky agreed for a compromise,
And our lights it had concealed
Was ready to return for us to the earth.
Thus the sky returned our warmth without any condition.
Even now we are a group of people,
Who is enjoying the light
Thrown down on this Earth.
So that in no way would the sky
Rob us of the light again,
We are now firmly standing up
As the watchmen of light.

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