Mysti S. Milwee (USA)

Mysti S. Milwee (USA)

Mysti S. Milwee an international award-winning writer, poetess, screenwriter, native american translator, synesthesia artist (paints to music), book cover design artist and illustrator. She is an International icon in the Visual Arts and serves as an International Art Ambassador, and is the recipient of the 2020 International Artist of Year Award. Her screenplay “The Loner” received the 2020 Best Screenplay Award. She is the recipient of the 2020 Global Arts & Literary Culture Award. Her writings, poetry and visual art has been published in over 1,500 publications since age 13 and in over 8 countries. She serves as the “Poet Laureate” of Fire Eagle Ministries in Camden, Arkansas. She is the editor, publisher, founder, and translator of her new journal, Sequoyah Cherokee River Journal based in Alabama, USA,
Fields of Gold
Dipping the leaves
into golden and bronzed
through the core,
and into the depth of my soul
embossed with golden
my body, a field of
golden treasure
embodied with
thickened paper that
darkened deep wounds,
melted into the golden
sun –
waving goodbye
to the shadows,
that had crept among fields.
Temperamental auras
that bake the fields with
golden dust,
where my body lies in the
richness of faith,
with angelic spirit
captivated in my eyes.
In the golden sunrise
the zephyr breathes life,
and the leaves dance in
the existence of beauty.
Seeping with Sounds
Life seeps in an age
of wisdom and thought,
promising sounds
Sometimes people say,
“read it, and weep”.
Ready of not, whether
brewing or seeping,
the whistle always
blows at the right time.
People whine when they
earn a dime or when one
can afford a hundred dollar
bottle of wine.
Life is more than money,
look up, smile, and say
“love you honey”.
You added another mile
to life, the sound of existence
is better to experience.
Doubts weight in hollowed
out drums, casting out beats
and chants.
Why not just dance in the rain?
The sound erases and eases pain,
nourishing and replenishing –
The song, the sound, but profound,
gave light, hope, and existence
to humanity –
Where is the empathy?
The sound, to hear, faithful cries,
the beauty in their eyes.
Sounds of existence, that seep deep
into our bones –
We feel it, the sounds from within
our bodies makes;
We hear but not fear, but to react with wisdom
when our cup overflows –
with the sounds of words and the dark secrets that
form on the rim, waiting to seep out of our veins,
crying and praising
through the filters of sound, that once was dug from
the root of the ground –breaking free.
Courts of Praise
The son, “the sun”,
lifted into the courts
of heaven –
Let it be,
to praise,
to lift,
to open –
the gates of heaven.
Praise within,
the court
with understanding.
Praise –
when adversity is
our middle name.
Praise –
the sound of music
when our hearts keep
singing in the courtship
Lift your eyes to see
the faith embodied
in you and me.
Open the envelope to
see the doves fly into
your soul, to –
praise existence,
for there is peace
when your heart
is singing and the
stillness of holy
water gives –
life again.

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