Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
A Woman is a Thing Apart
A woman is a thing apart
She weaves a Patola pattern in her frangipani mind
Seeking the unattainable , wishing for that star far away
She rides on wild stallions that gallop into eternity
Drumming a tattoo on her work worn heart
Of course , didn’t you know ?
A woman is decidedly a thing apart
She holds her own in matters of life and death
Tearing away the mantle of farcical drama
She strides into hallowed portals where none dare enter
She adorns her hands with the coolness of henna
Only to land a blow on her own ego
She worships in temples of fallen gods
With marigold garlands that fade and wither
She raises the bar for Pygmy statured hearts
She coaxes the typhoon to whine and crawl away
She opens the lacy curtains of her soul’s window
To inhale the indigo blue of the sky
A woman is definitely a Thing apart
For who will let a baby live within her body
Only to let her flesh be torn apart
At excruciating levels of bearing pain
She walks on water to reach her beloved
She walks through fire to prove her innocence
She walks into strange homes and calls them her own
But nowhere on the door does it say it’s hers
She laughs at jokes that never amuse her
She could often put Mary ‘s little lamb to shame
Her rolling pin may be her only definition
But her words have made Kings weep profusely
She sits in unobtrusive corners
But she reigns on hearts all over the world
You do agree with me , don’t you
That a woman is a thing apart !
(C) Lily Swarn 26.5.2017
Days are not to be trusted
Like indifferent lovers they hide away
Leaving you counting hours for the next sunrise
Haughty chaps,covetous of their wide awake auras
Holding on to their vain youth like heaps of gold from Alladin’s cave
Stashing away their brawny chests in halls of coral munificence
I gaze from afar,a whining hungry puppy,a sleepy bird of paradise ,
As you put up a hypnotic display of blood soaked reds , tangy oranges
Inflaming the hill tops ,arousing the pine cones, hiding once again
In your bejeweled firmament of ethereal,Rumi ignited luminosity
Copyright Lily Swarn 25.5.2020

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