Poems by Jean C Bertrand

Poems by Jean C Bertrand


A comprehensible desire

The quality of life
Birds flying
Never stop to smile
Coping with the wind
Gazed at the clouds
Compromising with
Daily sustainability
Sneezing coughing
Fears growing
Another way of life
Joyous smile in aching winds
Pandemic raging
Masking birds
Seeking for spring
In the name of faith
Hope gaining
Blessed soil
Speaking of genesis
Fueling my flesh
Wrapping my breath
Inhaling naturalistic
The essentials energy
Healthfully living
Gaze at the organic
Mighty oceans
Nature’s breathe
An epitome
Organic chemistry
Mastering divine legacy
Warmth friendliness
A global love and compassion.


Cannot be…

Cannot be pulled
The guide to understanding
The challenges, rhetorical
Dynamic breath in quality castle
The reasoning philosophic methodology
Fully incarcerated, darkness
Holding, hook-ups
O, human, be ready
Potholes in darken roads
Unavoidable, the loads, damn it
In fire, thin rope, oh human
Too weak no strength, diminishing winds
Higher risk sinking deep
Can not be pulled
Fear escalating, a lot of
Pain, a chain of misery



Recognizing the fire
Holiness, glorious senses
Sort of smell, evildoers
Behind shadowy walls

Words spoken, the echoes
Will there be light, or
Darkness in the valleys
Please, have mercy

Sadness growing, gloomy rays
Unholiness, cruelty, daily dance
Strong winds, not again
Await for spring, have mercy.


The most beautiful

The most beautiful journey
The touches,loving, delicate rays
The joyous sweetest satisfaction
The warmth, beautifying, amazingly
Dance like spring leaves

The most beautiful
Remaining, endless beauty
Attitude under the sun
Embracing precious moments
Walking on the path of happiness

The most beautiful, perfuming
The earth, maintaining peace
Falling in love with forgiveness
Open your heart, colouring the garden
With the most beautiful daily bliss

The most beautiful, simplicity
Humility, humbleness, kindness
Nevertheless love and compassion
Moon’s lips sparking faces, cheeks
Sustaining radiant smile.


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