Luz María López (Puerto Rico)

Luz María López (Puerto Rico)

Bilingual author. Poet, narrator, editor, anthologist, translator, international cultural promoter. President Academic Committee International Book Fair EMH Puerto Rico.
World Festival of Poetry Continental Director America – International Coordinator. Kathak Literary Award (2017).
We turn our gaze (inward)
where throbs go wandering through locked hallways,
voices piled up in the docility of a mirrorless inertia.
The existing moment is a shroud with fierce teeth.
There isn’t poetry between the fingers, neither a reliquary to pray,
while the night fades through the lintel of the door.
There are fears so sacred!
Over the couch the violets doze helplessly.
Ritual dance of lethargic hours.
A Song for the Wind
let’s unnest the idle story
write again on the tired wall
before time elapses farther,
for the nightmare of the afternoon
dares to entertain itself
on the pulse of eloquent deceits,
casting shadows over one eyes
only to return blinded
calling for true colors
unable to grasp
the sky.
eyes like drops of dew
the world is now revolving
in a rictus unknown to me
eyes the color of light
emerging from every shadow
phantasmagorical omen
eyes holding the salt of the universe
millenarian gospels
tied to the wind
eyes searching for a path
heartbeats rhyming on
the darkest nights
eyes pulsing
the flood of the veins
burning fiercely!
@Luz María López
Puerto Rico

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