Dr. Shailesh Veer (India)

Dr. Shailesh Veer (India)

Dr. Shailesh Gupta Veer, born in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, is an Indian poet. He is also a poetry reviewer and poetry communicator. He is a bilingual, writes in English & Hindi both. He has a PhD in Archaeology. He has edited about a dozen literary books and several magazines time to time. His poetry has been published in various literary magazines, journals, anthologies and websites. He has won many awards in the field of poetry and literature. His poetry attracts hearts of many, while forcing brains to get calculative. His poems have been translated into Chinese and French languages. His love for human values, nature, philosophy and the spiritual world is insurmountable. All these can clearly be seen in his works of poetry. He was declared a Literary Icon in December 2018 by TV program You and Literature Today from Nigeria. His poems were read on The Dear John Show of Warrington, England.
Planets, sky, stars, terra, moon, sun
All of these are for everyone!
Beacon, water, air everything
Happiness to us, always bring!
The Lord never discriminates
So never should fight dear mates!
Come on, unity’s van, let’s drive
Broadcast message, “Live and let live!”
Deserted pathway and yellow sunshine
My heart was shivering like leaves
When I held her hand
The leaves were broken by the trees
Eager to welcome us with open arms
In those moments, she whispered
I love you
In my mind began to blossom
Innumerable buds of hope
Autumn was in full swing!
Today the clouds are rolling in again
Today there is same wind blowing
Today there is same music in the atmosphere
Today the same weather is again
Today seeing again
Again and again
The same flickering of the waves
The same color of the open sky
There is a storm in the heart
There is a storm in the mind
There is a storm in the brain,
Everything is the same,
But you’re not here
Today lonely
Without you there is no meaning
In vain
Wish I could say to you again-
“Let’s going to walk by the sea!”
© Dr. Shailesh Veer

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