“Mahabarata, The War of Words… ” – Dr. Jernail Singh Anand / By: Dr. Molly Joseph

“Mahabarata, The War of Words… ” – Dr. Jernail Singh Anand 

Piercing itself into the opaque plains of our consciousness with insights philosophical and mature, this book, “Mahabarata- The War of Words” written by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand stands monumental, defying time. This is indeed a post, post modern epic nuancing itself to the contemporary, daring to
put to question and redefine, age old thought processes and actions. The ease and the verve with which the task is accomplished is in perfect balance, with right reverence to the past and the present, accomodating alternate
modes of thought.
The epic pattern is skillfully embedded in various strands of the discourse..primarily it is an address to
Lord Krishna, as Govind or Kesav, asking him “to clarify the ways of God to men ” as Milton put it.
The points of departure from the time old concepts on Dharma, and nationalism are very clearly spelt out.
So much of the contemporary “world”
inundates the “word”
The choric element, the charcters, even the interludes of Dr.Faustus
provide insights through parody and parataxis
If it was war that ravaged the Mahabarata times causing suffering and destruction, the modern day world counters it through epidemics like Covid that sweep over to kill. High time minds that have been quarantined on rigid notions of supremacy
came out of their fossiled thinking,

Only a philosopher poet like Dr.Jernail Singh can talk on the essential futility of war, war ofminds and faiths built on shallow concepts of nationalism.

Filling up the silences of Mahabarata text, interrogating its ideological premises,
the dignity of man, woman and human existence becomes the paramount concern. This mega epic is not a howl in despair, but ends on an exhortation to Kesav to come back and redeem mindsets that are straight jacketted..

Here is a book that can withstand the ravages of time offering sustaining plains of balance amidst the maddening clouds of contemporaneity.

Dr.Molly Joseph.
Professor Poet

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