RENDEZVOUS / Poem by Aendgzel Rose (Purple Roze)

Poem by Aendgzel Rose (Purple Roze)



On that sudden instance
Our eyes finally met
You captivated my heart so easily
I’ve seen that aura on your face
Reflects how kind and pure your heart was.

You invited me into your world
I welcomed you without a bit of hesitation
We both then shared a piece of ourselves
I discover more of the beauty in your soul
Beneath that sweet and enchanting smile.

I never wandered seeking for you
But God was so good and fate so kind
That He led us the way for this rendezvous
Your presence enlivens my spirit
Seems like I’m floating in cloud nine.

Just wanna explore those uncertain paths
With you holding my hands so tight
Having you around brings serenity through my days
So stay with me through this life’s journey
And let love flows in our hearts until eternity.

©Purple Roze

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