Stoianka Boianova (Bulgaria)

Stoianka Boianova (Bulgaria)


Master’s degree in Physics from the Plovdiv University. Chief Expert at the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology, Sofia. Author of twelve books: poetry, novel, collection of short stories, published in Bulgaria. Co-author of a bilingual haiku book, published in India. Participated in anthologies and editions in Japan, Philippines, India, China, Vietnam, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Germany, France, England, USA, Africa. Edited dictionaries and books. In the European Top 100 most creative haiku authors. Numerous awards around the world, including Gold Stars from Global Literary Society, Gold Quill – POEMarium, Platinum Star – Literature Lovers’ Association, Cupid Award – Poetry Planet. In list of the Best Poets – Writers of World, 2019, World Nations Writers’ Union. In Tthe First and The Second Anthology of World Gogoshi, Galaktika Poetike “ATUNIS”. Co-author of “Songs of Peace” – World’s Biggest Poetry Anthology.
In editorial board of the magazine “Haiku World”, Bulgaria. Chairman of the Haiku Club – Рlovdiv, deputy chairman of Society of the Karlovo writers. In Union of the Bulgarian Writers, Society of the Plovdiv writers, the Bulgarian haiku Union, The Haiku Foundation – USA, United Haiku and Tanka Society – UK, the World Haiku Association, Japan, World Nations Writers’ Union.



We met when God created the worlds,
and filled them with His love.

Then we got lost because we were scattered
in the edges of the universe.

I have kept the memory of you since that time.

Since then, the sun has been rising thousand times,
the moon has been going down thousand times.
I’ve been waiting for you thousand days,
thousand nights I’ve been dreaming of you …
On how many planets I’ve searched for you.
How many galaxies I have passed …

When we met again,
the light erupted.
The world has expanded,
in it were God, you and me.



I didn’t tell the river about you,
it would share it with the forest and the sea.
I didn’t tell the wind about you –
it would blow the words into the space.
I didn’t tell the nightingale about you –
it would sing it in a song to the birds.

My heart was beating strongly.
So loud that the heart of the Earth heard it.
Earth began to turn more merrily,
the river noise became more playful,
the songs of the birds sounded more in love,
the wind was up lifting to the sky.

Until I find out what’s going on,
I felt your heart beating next to mine,
while I was returning to reality,
you hugged me.



Dewdrops on the roses –
amid tinges –
blooming branches
bird flight, curious eyes.
Drops evaporate
and scatter in the air
photos from the morning city.



Figs fall quietly,
thump into the quiet.
Bees are buzzing.
I turn a leaf,
guessing at its palm.
Sweetness on fingers.
Honeymoon is coming.

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