Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by  Nancy Ndeke



Guilt discharged a ruckus splash,
Signalling an absence of wealth in health-
Only crows and owls know the damn tales,
Of testy quagmire of a billious heart,
Stifled with a sacrilegious regret of what could have been.
What could, dies every day,
in the cross purpose of feigned bravado,
Camouflaged as words of a wise slinger of vitamin pills.
An impatient patient treating the well,
while the lining of sooty injuries of delayed glamour,
LEDs a smattering of falsehoods, only a politician is capable,
Yet, here we are, children of adopted tongues,
Bickering over what should unite us.
Sickness has it’s brand of poesy,
Few are safe.



We were born with death on our hands,
We will die with life on our hands,
Between then and then,
Facts don’t shift from truth,
That dust composed us, and,
Dust shall decompose us.
Between then and then,
A little less of entitled belligerence,
A little more of kind benevolence,
Could make this life’s journey,
A better experience for all,
Like rain and rivers that give to give,
And suffers no poverty for it.



You come, O Emperor’s namesake,
To lay claim, over a lost summer,
Like Christmas gone, and Easter before it,
The Earth tires from a prison term, harsh.
Elsewhere, reflections ring a broken bell,
Myths of a past pattern sway with sad tongue.
That you are the grim reaper of house of braves.
Whatever it is O mid-step dancer,
Reluctant peninents buguile your hand.
Not just a hushed brash of a passing drumbeat,
But more to wave off this sentence most hurting.
We pay tribute to you O new midnight half of hope.
Release our folly and ignorance,
That fetter’s our hearts,
Help the indigo of idiocy rub off our biased sight,
Let us see the beauty of the rainbow that life is.
” Create in us a clean heart” to wash off the sin of greed.
It’s also the season of flowers, drizzle and bees.
Happy July folks.



Worth is value, devaluing it is sin,
Life belongs in it’s due season,
Of entries and exits, none must tamper,
Of prisons and detentions,
Let a fair hand speak,
Of sweat and blood,each his due beget,
Hello the sun speaks,
Of light to growth,
Goodbyes and emotions, nights are for dreams,
Walk your path in humility, a flower has it’s space.
In search of companionship,
Scheme not to overthrow.
Here today, tomorrow is fates calendar.
Understand your boundaries and speak a decent tongue.
He who made the canterpillar with lessons of metamorphosis,
Is same source your days he knows.
But love and kindness, what gifts lifts a soul?
Being well is not enough if all else is unwell.
If these days of cold living don’t speak a better summer,
Then ambiguity has owned our concious and we are dead to right.

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