Travel soul / Poem by Odeh Amaneh

Poem by Odeh Amaneh
Travel soul
Oh traveler of God!
Oh sunshine!
put my heart in your luggage,
I will give you my wings!
put a flower and a book of love
you will find me in the sheets.
and when you enter a church
light a candle
so Allah or God will forgives us for the things we have not done!
light a candle
you will see me in the flame
I will be the light that accompanies you.
light a candle to find your way.
pray for us … do not hesitate …
a prayer NOT portioned!
deep and complete!
pray to the extreme!
forgive our cruel fate that took away the “good morning” !.
honor our initial spirit and the last times we laughed!
I hope that our journey will be less painful,
with the blessing of the water of Zam Zam or the water of Lourdes.
I will be happy…
Have a good trip my love!
Odeh Amaneh. Rome. 05/08/20

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