Poems by Nutan Sarawagi

Poems by Nutan Sarawagi


On Mother’s Day as I reminisce…

……hide me inside
A blinding emotion
cuts through
my insurgent thought

It questions ….
my identity
My being not

understanding not
my despairing thought

Like a dark cloud
In flames of dark

It envelopes me
Unwilling to pass
Tied to me
in a lifeless knot


Gripping me
In a reality
asking you
Are you not ….

As a knife so sharp
thrusts my heart
Cutting me off

In my depression
I felt worthless
Had I fallen short

Not knowing where to go
I opened up my laptop

Every poem freed me
As I stared to write
to add a little colour
in the dark world
Trying to hide
bringing out
the little child
Crying hide
Don’t hide me inside


In her dream
love is something thats not seen
like in a mothers eyes living hidden unseen
In her love-tears flowing stream
In our heart to hold her gleam
In her hope its last ray of beam
To ignite with all its might the last flick of light
Lighting life its last dying dream

hoping in hope in eyes filled with love
spilling with love hidden unseen
in secret corners wrapped in love

in a warmth never cold
to ever grow old
seeking love

in its own love
irreplaceable unfound in a new love ….

hard to find a love like her
in loves sake only for love

undemonstrated yet glimmering in love
living in love dying in love
resolute to the end in her love
as she goes giving love
even in her death filled with love

asking for nothing just a little bit of love
for she is secure content forgiving in her love
nothing in return only giving love
unspeaking eyes speaking love
in a mothers love which lays the foundation
of any true love
untainted untouched in a pure love
beseeching unasked yet forever giving love
quaking love

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