Ade Caparas Manilah (Australia)

Ade Caparas Manilah (Australia)


Ade Caparas Manilah, an international professional designer/artist, a poetess who had authored/published the very first poetry duet book, “the Wind my Lover” (erotic poetic conversation) and another book, “A Woman of Essence” featuring 26 internationally known poetesses, is in her 80s, and permanently based in Sydney, Australia. Her poetic uniqueness lies in her creative metaphysical structuring of words that blends the here and there; the then and now; but also seems to paint the language in such aesthetic erotic tone! A several international literature awardee and media interviewee; a blogger and heads several literary groups!


come my love
let’s exploit
the shadow of darkness
a mystery of life!
with our eyes
wide open
we’ll feel
the ecstatic
darkness !

a fetishising concept
seek to interpret or assign
certain truth…
an schematic of
pre-fabricated mold that
leads to the masa’s mind-slavery
and sets the success
to Satanic throne!

many many tools employed;
war plague famine bankruptcy
we get buried alive
into an unsurpassed debts
even the unconvinced foetus
are burdened to pay! why?
but why worry?
exercise the most joy
in whatever situation… you win!!!



man O’ man
you have reached
your ‘Superman’ being
the dream of Nietzsche
a Babel Tower,
trying to reach heaven
detours contours discolours
nature to your nature
your infinite Power!

“i am god i am god”
you shout you decreed
now… a tiny virus
tumbling pulverising you
to a standstill-ness…
your brain
cracks melts
back to the drain
you! god?



should i be
the dusty powder
carried by
“the Wind my Lover “
to the tree of love,
roll and sigh?

your naughty lips
would feel
my moist of moist
my grain of dusts
unwilling unwilling
to leave!

am i any different
from COVID-19,
a man-created death
unwilling unwilling
to leave
for the greed of wealth?

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