Ana Toma (Albania – USA)

Ana Toma (Albania – USA)

Ana Toma was born in the city of Lezha in Albania. After graduating from Asim Vokshi High School in Tirana where she studied Foreign Languages, she then pursued her degree in Journalism at the University of Tirana.
Her University years were also the years of the crystallization of her poetic art, which were restored in 1996 with the publication of the first volume of poetry, “19 Symphony of Tears”, published by the Publishing House, “Toena”.
Her poetic art is more than a spiritual exclamation, which seeks human purity and penetrates through lyrical peaks, but also expresses the laconicism of an aesthetic that begins and ends with love.
Journalism studies at the University of Southern Connecticut in the USA, where she lives for about 20 years, would further deepen the author’s creative consciousness and classify Ana’s art as a creative art, always with the spirit that turned and revived the muse of the soul and always in motion with the coherence of life.
Ana is preparing newer publications, both in poetry and prose, publications that will shed much more light and shadow on what she represents and what aesthetic traces she will follow in her future path. She currently lives in Connecticut, USA, and is a mother of three
My morning dialogue …
(“ He was such an arrogant man. Period.”)
…I can no longer defend his character,
Lying to myself about who I loved so much.
I accept it.
I loved him to the point of madness.
Up to that totally stupid nonsense.
Even my breath kills me when I recall what we shared,
” A bed full of hugs, kisses, and laughter…”
It was love. Yes. Real love!
(“What about him? Has he ever loved you?”)
… Hard to believe it, but, yes! He loved me,
And knew how to use my kindness
In his favor.
Why not? Who does not need a little kindness,
In this world full of hypocrisy?
(especially when kindness is offered for free)
(“Can you describe shortly; How was he?”)
Smart? yes.
Handsome? yes.
Ah, his rare laughter! Still resounding
The walls of my weary soul …,
Like this August morning, when I recall …
(“Hypocrite, perhaps?”)
No. I don’t want to go there.
It was love.
Deep affection…
To the unknown man
I want you to be well, unknown to me;
I feel a soul-gathering energy
In our dreams …
Thirsty for affection, full of life and love!
I feel lonely. Lonely as you are.
I can’t sleep. Just like every night,
I try to tear apart with my gaze,
the darkness of heaven (where I hide.)
I’m not the moon, I’m not even the sun …
I don’t have the power to close my eyes tonight
Under the light
of your heart.
Wait for me!
Wait for me,
where the first rays of the Sun caress and touch your dreams.
Dancing remorsefully to the rhythm of memory
of that loving face, which hurts to the chest
You will wake up happy with eyes full of sunlight.
The gaze from your bedroom window will be silent
You will sigh sleepily, my name, softly…,
you will laugh at yourself, what is this life like!
Wait for me,
And if I do not come, you’ll feel my soul
millions of miles away again in dreams together!
A kiss on the forehead, I will rise again
as the last ray of sunshine, I left my heart to you!
Wait for me, that I am not awake yet…!

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