Dashamir Malo (Albania)

Dashamir Malo (Albania)

Dashamir Malo, born city of Permet, Albania. He finished Military Academy and later the Police Academy. Since 1990 -1997 he worked in his profession in the city of Saranda. In 1997 he immigrated to Athens – Greece where he worked and lived until 2002. In 2003, then resumes work in his profession as a police officer and is currently Chief Administration of Border Police Station in Saranda. He has published books of poetry “Between solitude and silence”, “Precedent” and “Hiding the Lot”, “Maybe”. In 2014 he published the book of poetry “Vaguely” and in 2019 he published the book of poetry “Shadow light” He translated from Greek poetry volume “Selected Poems” of the Greek poet, publicist and journalist, George Hronas and book of essays “Crasy dance of the Merylin’s ” and “The Rainbow Feelings ( seven translated authors)”. Also has participated in anthologies of poetry, “The gates of forgetfulness”, “Itaca of speech” and “Lanes open”. He continuously published poems in literary newspapers such as “Dight”, “Word”, “Nacional”, “Writer”, “Art Ionian”. He has also published cycles of poetry in Greek, Norwegian and German language. He is one of the following organizers of poetic annual meetings, which are held in the city of Saranda from Ionian Makers Club.
To be in love
… means
waking up before the dawn
Even to become the dawn itself
It means
seeing the most beautiful dream
Even to become that dream itself
It means
After you leave the soft sheets
( they will hold your body print until the night comes)
You would go see yourself in the mirror
Without the usual fear of a woman
And become sure that you are even more beautiful than yesterday
It means
standing in front of your closet and without hesitation
picking up the most ordinary dress
It means
A fragile redemption and bewilderment escorting you
You go hurriedly on to the street without paying any attention
To the routine advices of your mother
That talks to you from the kitchen window
Being in love
Donating coins of happiness to the occasional transient
Radiating aseductive light
Igniting the jealous flame
Of the nearbycolleague
Beingin love
That you feel like the whole word is yours
Without ever asking to possess it.
To be in love.
(not) Arrival
You will arrive full of warm colors
Just like this fall, you will come,
I have been waiting for you since creation
A thousand years more I am willing to wait!
Then you’ll leave, always looking back
To that chestnut forest, you will be the fall
You’ll remember me on the purple sunset
Or, quite unwittingly you will forget.
I will draw near to you, with my troubled soul
To the ancient shore of theIonian sea
Time will bend me, as thesea waves
But, my longing for you will still be young.
Autumn’s being
Serenity; the sky sheds
the charcoal color, on the sea
a little boat that has paddled
deep into the fog, is fading.
The silence is broken
I see a cop run after a shooter
In the outskirt of Butrint
The hoyden fall, is out of breath
A ship departs far way from shore
A cruise arrives in the port
The tourists of fall come down
In the middle of wind and rain
They come along in the streets
As the coffee is served by a waitress
In the screen in front of me
Continuously, worthless speeches
As I look behind the window
I don’t know where my mind wonders
To the tomorrow that seems grey
Or to some greyish gloomy memory.
Since two weeks or so; I don’t know,
where this ship full of “mystery” came from
lot’s of colors everywhere
the flag vanished in the air
Look, among them is the Capitan
As a contemporaneous pirate
He lands down dressed in black
At this calm quayside
Those “pirates” and us together
In a tavern eat, drink, sing
And as it always happened
The angels and demons are evoked
I Don’t know how this Capitan
Made everything look ethereal
The next morning he took with them
the girlfriend of the longshoreman
When the cold November morning
Perfused the harbour with light
The Capitan and his crew altogether
Were gone stealthy, into the night.
The longshoreman turns up, frustrated,
He was trembling like a bulrush
The old sailor, took him aside
Judiciously, tried to calm him down
“ I am telling you two things, my son
Cool down, don’t blame anyone
Because money can turn a river into the sea
And there is no treason, where true feelings be”
I was looking at the poor longshoreman
And your words come to my mind
A long time ago my dear friend, you swore
“ I’ll remain faithful to you all my life “
She left just in time
When I was hired
at that farther Border police station
Later I’ve been told
That she came early every morning
Took her espresso coffee
And smoked “slims” cigarettes
On the table where she used to work
Remained the calendar and her handwritten notes
The book “ Alexander the Great” and
The poetry of Charls Bukowski.
She liked soul music.
She preferred the movie and the stars
Gérard Depardieu and Orlando Bloom.
She did not like “Big brother”
Or “Beatty Pageants”
She always wore the perfume “Obsession”
She was a brunet.
Had never tried to become a blonde
Some times her nails were painted in violet
She passionately loved the longing sunsets
And sweet-attractive mornings
She was a fan of the colour green,
But liked the white and black as well
I never meet her,
I never even saw her
However, I got to know her very well

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