STORY OF A SILENT CORNER / Poem by Jagdish Prakash

Poem by Jagdish Prakash



It’s a story of a silent corner,
In a room which overlooks
The gathering clouds
In an azure sky
Winking and waning
in a trapeze mode.
Seen from shuttered glass panes.
It’s the story
Of those balmy days
When these corners were lit up
With innocent smiles of children,
Their little pranks
Rising over oft repeated jokes
Of the grandma told between her toothless smiles
It’s the story of feasts and frolics
Continuing till late nights
It’s the story of endless laughters and crooning of a Frank Sinatra number.
Today this story terminates on
Musty air and smell of napthalene balls
Rising from the closed cupboards
Where she kept her silks and brocades
Taken out fifty years ago on her wedding anniversary.
Mingling with the silence of the room
These smells are the last reminder
Of those days of sunshine and smiles.


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