IN A FRAUD WORLD / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
Now I am here, not there anymore
I am here
Embracing my pillow
Sleeping mournfully
In a world not of my own
A vast and wide world
I wish it were smaller
I have no other choice
But to embrace my pillow
Lie in my bed
Eat the soil, kiss the stones
My mind and soul overwhelmed by shrieks
They lower in tone
And suddenly holler the voice of destiny
Now I am here, in the world of riches
The world of the oppressors
Where the music of shrilling drums pierces ears
Now I am here…here I am
Though I will never ever, not in a million years
Feed from the earth, nor kiss the stones
In this fraud world, strange and odd
That belittles the wise
Uses the learned and clever
And disheartens a lover.
Mahmoud Said Kawash
Copenhagen – DK

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