Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
No matter where we are
what the time tolls of perfection imprecisive
but how we are
beneath cosmic blue of precisive perfection.
neither me to resolve perfection
to leap up into tense distinctive
nor you in circle of precision
to turn time
Into obscured yester year
as unobtrusive, instinctive implicit of history.
as we do exist today
as shimmer of silence sings songs of own
with imperfection imprecisive,
yet no more intense to give up precision.
nothing is left to gather beyond time
as clarity lapses to define core of enigma
as steeped in mystery
like wee hours ruffles in winter fog to prevaricate
of being inflicted of delusion
as vision loses precision to grasp reality inevitable.
Caressing the night with her mellow susurrus of symphony
uncanny spark emerges to inveigle musky moments to empower spring of dream
like touch of Autumn,s breeze across tidal waves onshore to levitate into lofty blossom
for blaze of heart to beacon into sultry expansion to grasp glory levered to lid off ecstasy.
neither I am the halo of rays to dawn to allay saddles of darkness into green to resurrect into hush of delight
nor the zephyr to gravitate into pattern of curve lapelled over petals of rose to cradle in airiness.
nor the zephyr to gravitate into pattern of curve lapelled over petals of rose to cradle in airiness.
gleams of light splatters like prism of colours to dapple ambience in vale of moonlit bareness of sky
Fossil of yester eras
still ruffles in stillness of stone
obscured into time yet no more,
like mile stone in highway of eternity
as stuck up into a space with tales history of history as of now.
and we meet today and tomorrow here and there,
may be nowhere at all to tell you no truth of darkness to bewilder until another day of foregone moments of no return.
do we ever know to exist in between truth absolute and untruth relative of no time to roll on?
as dawn titillates to turn into dusk to meditate in black hole in quest of love relative encrypted in syllables of solutude.
Wonder awes of divinity to seek into soul of blue rapturing into cosmic mellifluence of dawn
like scintillating of green to kiss tranquil silence to transcend cloudy sky,
for beacon of ethreal embodiment to gratify crave of grasp blazoned.
melody of enchanting chirrups of birds expands into limitless contour of cosmic entirety to saunter with sigh of silence
as susurrus of elegance blazes hush of delight to inveigle maze of
swaddling green to grapple grace of luminescence stuck in stone
for rippling rhythm to instil into ecstasy of mellow breeze once and ever.
as newness empowers blossom of beauty to gravitate into mortal frames of existence
for freshness to exalt with light of ebullience
like spark to entice upon eyes of reflection.
@dr.subhendu kar.

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