The Sea Green Dress / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
The Sea Green Dress
The nights had lengthened like her ebony tresses
She had lit the lamp of hope in her desolate heart
He had promised to be back before the winter set in
He knew how difficult it was for her to chop the wood
To feed and keep ablaze the hungry bed-room fireplace
Their loving nest was woebegone and achingly lonely
Without the booming sound of his resonating voice
A dull throbbing kept badgering her temples and forehead
Unknown iron clamps of foreboding clutching at her heart
A valiant soldier, gone to fight for his motherland
He didn’t come back that dreary winter
Nor in the smiling scents of Spring
She trudged to church with tired wooden steps
Looking askance at couples walking arm in arm
Their giggles and blushes stabbed through her thin blouse
Women married to brave warriors
with gleaming brass on shoulders
Live through separations in mortal dread of death
Babies grow into toddlers while war crushes and maims
He came back in a casket adorned with the national flag
She choked back her shrieks as they lowered his coffin in the grave
She ran in to get her sea green dress, flinging it near his body
He had told her to wear it on the day he came back from the war
Copyright Lily Swarn 12 .8.2020

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