Touch distance / Poem by Motiur Muntasir

Poem by Motiur Muntasir
Touch distance
Wiping wet eyes, the world turned around
Face the real mirror
Every hair follicle in the body today
The story of life is covered in its cavity
Settle time to find your way inside the path
Walking reduces the boundaries of distance
The tears of the leaves caress the dew
The hand of relationship pulls friendship
Those who are tying the rope on the sinking earth
They are the children of the real heroic earth
As much as the shape of your face has changed
The pajar inside has moved, but it is still there
Those who thought you would not be in your lap
They are asleep on your chest with their noses
But they did not touch the pain of the mother
A flock of stupid vultures that have been housebound
Ignores the hungry cry of the father
They themselves have died a hundred times without being buried
I have seen many helpless relatives in the morgue of the hospital
Crying and embracing the thorny corpse
Now only the dumb wail can be heard at the farewell
Love captured in the trap of touch distance
Janazah-burial is done by armed soldiers
Fear of touch has taken away the crown of love.

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