Eva Kacanja (Albania)

Eva Kacanja (Albania)

Eva Kacanja was born on October 7th, 1971 in the city of Kruja, Albania. Her poetries are introduced in several magazines and anthologies and have caught the attention of literary critics. She has published the following volumes of poetry: “The statue of the soul”, 1995 “At the bottom of your heart”, 2004 “Scent of soil”, 2011 Eva’s fourth volume of poetry is in the process of publishing. She lives in Durres, Albania with two children.
I get lost….
Sometimes I get lost….. not in emptiness, no….
I find myself thinking about a tree, how its juice flows, I see it with my thirsty eyes to scan it and with the crazy desire to put my fingers under the rugged bark of the trunk and caress it, inside, deep…..
Then I get lost thinking about the bees, how wise they are, how hard-working, how I wish to kiss a bee, to smell its pollen… (Would there be spring without the bees, would there be flowers?!)
Meanwhile, a rainbow overarches above my forehead, greens my eyes, caresses my eyelashes, and I realize that the rain is created inside me and then it is poured in nature…..
I feel getting lost deeper and deeper, where a capricious moon eclipses my night, plays hide and seek, laughs and cries, crescenting and waning, but still there, loyal reflection of your nostalgic absence!
I get lost, rolling into my own thoughts which just as free, beautiful wild horses cross the borders, in search of your valleys…. And I find you, I always find you!
I wonder how I travel through time, how I touch stars, how I step on thorns never stopping, not tired, not scared, I find you and I smile, You are there!
I feel the silk of your soul, the ripped eye, your face carved by the sea, the greatness of your hands and I am filled with life…..
Happiness is spread in the air, with trees full of leaves, with the pollen that bees absorb, with the colors that the rainbows bring…..
…and I get lost,
Yes, yes I get lost,
I get lost in Fullness…!
One in a Million
In one million ways I talk to you,
In one I embrace you,
In one million skies I see you,
In one I touch you.
In one million woods I abscise you,
In one I love you,
In one million fires I worm you,
In one I burn you.
Oh how much history,
Joy as much as pain,
Poison as much as honey.
Breeze and storm!
In times and in no time,
Endless wandering,
The free souls,
Prologue and prelude!
And still magic
Being in love,
Giving yourself,
taking it again,
Loving is enough,
And it does not matter anymore,
One in a million,
Or a million in one?!

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