Far from her memories … / Poem by Ana Toma

Poem by Ana Toma

Far from her memories …

She couldn’t believe
That the paths of her heart had turned into
Overwhelming paths…
She felt the pain of a billion needles
Dipped in the fire of hell,
But never complained!
So, she had to fly far away from her suffering
Even with broken wings!
To fly along with strong winds
In that WINTER night, so far away …,
When for the last time she felt loved …

She recalled how dizzying her happiness was
From endless hugs, dangerous kisses,
Visible marks of lovemaking,
For her helpless soul!

Ah, how much she knew how to love!!!
She loved to the point of pain,
and she never felt the pain!

She was a woman!!
such a passionate woman.
It takes two lifetimes for someone,
To forget the sweetness of her love…

She loved the sun! Yes, the scorching sun
that burns.
She was blinded by the whims of his light.
She laughed aloud, was happy, and shed tears of joy…

Yeah… there’s the end.
“She’s walking along the road of no return,
Away from her memories!”

© Ana Toma
August 12, 2019
7:13 am
Cheshire, CT

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