PRIMAL ME / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn



Uncoil the primal me
and emerge
The superior me
Unshackled by primal fears
Unadorned by man made hopes
Mechanical love swung out of
Concrete buildings on tarred roads
Primal pain moaned and yelped
Screamed and yelled
Primal me
unashamed of my body
Its voluptuous contours
Its raging needs
Its anguished hormones
Striding like Venus incarnate
Encompassing love and desire
In one fertile leap of prosperity
Primal anger unfurling high on
The mountains of want
Released from hollow corners
In simmering waters
Unleashing the river of life
To meander at will to its Creator
Primal sounds beckoning me
Loud like the beats of the Nagaada
That called the troops to war
Reddening the blood in my stream
Crimson mouthfuls sucking out
The violet venom corroding my insides
Primal like the roots of the Banyan tree
Fondling the earth reverentially
Emerging stronger with its humility
Lustily uttering the name that hovers
Shakily just beneath my plump lips
Shorn of artifice
Bereft of guile
Primal me in my holy sunshine
Naked emotion hanging to dry
On virgin beaches in ethereal skies
Shaken , buzzed , hissed , hummed
The primal sound whistled in the
Beyond gender it’s cosmic energy
Going around the earth and reaching me
Loud and clear for whatever is released will come back to me
Primal throbbing pulsating me
Primal me ,

Copyright Lily Swarn 18.8.2016

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