María Fernanda Del Castillo Sucerquia (Colombia)

María Fernanda Del Castillo Sucerquia 

Maria Del Castillo Sucerquia is a bilingual poet (Spanish and English), short story writer, proofreader, mentor, oriental medic (Neijing, Spain), ancient Chinese language student and translator (from English, Italian, Portuguese, French, German).
She was born in Barranquilla, Colombia in 1997. Her poems have been published in national and international anthologies, journals, websites and magazines, and they have been translated into Kannada, Bangla, Arabic, Urdu and English.
She has participated in national and international festival, recitals and webinars.
Actually, she collaborates with translating and literature criticism in several literature magazines as Altazor (Chile), Cardenal (Mexico), Cronopio (Missouri), Golem (Mexico), Vive Afro (Colombia), and other.
Sowing season
I caress your hand,
fertile sand opens to my seed,
sycamore roots penetrate the skin.
Fingers shake whitered stems,
feeding my golden fruit tree,
love grows on your cells.
I am bereft of fallen leaves,
on your palm I draw my door key,
your old age blooms at will.
My Being’s sun travels through your veins,
sowing for the hard collect:
nectar to edify the essence.
Devoted gardener
I am chained to your lilacs.
Petal by petal slips the humid secret,
pink bush tongues savors my sweat.
Sparkles of the love season.
You bring to me the Earth’s poetry,
my voice is born from primal root.
Garden of unpronounceable herb,
compassion dew.
How much time I wasted in winter,
do not free me of your blush
Passions season
The amaryllis are on the floor.
Your love do not warm this forest,
my yellow tears miss their green dress,
the natures color is an extinct species.
Wind brings your pollen paradise,
there is not womb to sow it.
This autumn has perfum of you.
I caress my dead longings,
silver traces of your sword.
It is more important seeds than flowers,
spring whispers.

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