Late afternoon Sonata / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad
Late afternoon Sonata
A late afternoon delightfulness
Exquisite and lissome
We both found a love which is well-nigh
“You came late into my life”,
that’s what you’ve been whispering
a late afternoon sonata
million tomorrows we may never see
yet it delights my heart
to see your lovely eyes smile
Absolutely with increasing passion
That cannot be quenched
But have never seen even your shadow
If I die now, I will bring with me your stare
I will still try to compete with other lovers
Loving your whole boldness and your beaming smile
My gentle eyes, begging you closer
I don’t ask you to love me
Just let me love you
When life’s surprises let our stars cross
I can only stare at you the most
Will forbade my arms and glance ardently
intoxicated with your twinkling smile
That always caught me adoringly
I will always be in love with you honey
And wined and dined with you in true passion
Daring, burning with the deep sensation
To indulge with you all the days and night
Drinking in your succulent loveliness
Thrilled with our imaginary kisses
Like thousand butterflies flutters

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