Poems by Caroline Nazareno-Gabis

Poems by Caroline Nazareno-Gabis
the masterpiece
thinking of day and night,
you are the daily sunshine,
you are the beaming moonlight,
the seasons’ adorable lush
of daffodils, blue luminiscence
of endearing buttons,
of silky baby pink socks
of tempting creamy mittens,
that you always find soft;
that it pacifies you,
more than just a piece of comfort,
just like having you in our lives
because you are our masterpiece,
our most precious neonate.
Thank You, My Child
(For Yali)
There was a sudden rupture,
gave me an agonizing pain started on the eleventh hour; it became a miracle,
I become an empowered woman.
I am now a mother.
I called God and the angels to be with me
as I signed the most sacrificial experience
to give birth to our little sun
who would bring extra warmth and sunshine into our lives.
I celebrate life because you are life.
I can see the vivid radiance on your toothless smiles,
mysterious coos and grunts, and unexpected cries while you’re asleep.
Your father was in tears, when he knew, you and I were both safe,
and saw you at 4:30 on the 23rd of Martian June.
Our lives are even brighter as a family.
You’re the every reason, our eternal bliss.

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