Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper



My muse,
My goddess
Beyond the sea,
Sings for peace and humanity,
And wants to be with me,
But the huge waters,
A hell of distance,
And wild watery waves,
Restrict in joint venture of life,

My muse,
My goddess with flowers,
Comes to the sea shore,
And look into the misty air,
As I run alone along the shore,
And look beyond the darkness of sea,
There is no clue of cute baby,
But, it never disappoints me in my way,
I am still endeavoring and looking for beauty,

My muse,
My goddess,
With cool eyes and love,
Searches me in the stars,
With hope for caress and cure,
With rich blessing of thoughts,
With nice fairy mood,
Touches the sea water and goes back,
And again returns with the sunrise,
With new hope and spirit,
And I wait for her on the other side of the sea,
Throughout the day,
Without my muse,
I never take a nap,
I never slept so deep,
Despite irritation and hard,
I keep on hoping for peaceful embrace,

My muse,
My goddess,
Once, flew in the air,
And blew her lovely whistle for me,
As beacon light touched my ears,
I jumped at her presence like fish in water,
The blue business of love merged in everlasting peace,
Peace here and there!



There is firm belief in your way,
In love or in sadness,
At the height of your goodness,
I feel you inside,
In the layers of my heart,
I feel you are strong in pain,
I feel you are rock so main,
Come along
And walk with me,
And talk with me,
On the sea shore of human life,
There is firm belief in your way,
There is firm belief in your way,

Be out of your mess,
Be relaxed and happy,
There is goodness in the hues of world,
There is weird thing around you,
Don’t worry more ,
Don’t feel bore,
Don’t be tardy and disappointed,
Don’t be stressed and uneasy,
Come out the stressful life ,
Come out of the hard situation,
There is firm belief in your way,
Oh, baby,
Oh, baby!


The Moaning Sea

The sea is in pain,
The pain puzzles the main,
The waves work on surface,
And crumbling comes from the bottom,

The boats float on flat side of the sea,
They load matter, metal and people,
They move to save their stuff only,
None penetrates into the depth of water,
There is gossip, gush and rush in waters,
Nobody knows the sore of the sea,
There is much pain in the main,
There is much pain in the main,

The moon above laughs at wilderness of the waters,
The stars are amazed at the groaning sea,
The sky feels strange over the irritated shore,
There is much pain in the main,
There is much pain in the main,,,,

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