MY NATIVE LANGUAGE / Poem by Rahim Karim

Poem by Rahim Karim
One acquaintance in foreign languages,
He could speak from the heart.
It’s a great achievement, what a horror,
He could not speak his native language.
Knowing many languages, eh, my friend, if you know,
“It’s very useful,” he said.
When I’m learning a language,
I started to get caught in my native language.
Panic overflowed, life, in my heart,
No, no, don’t insult me, my tongue.
First of all, in my native language,
Forgive me, my time, my time.
I envy you, I know you,
You are mature in foreign languages.
I feel sorry for you, dumb acquaintance,
If you don’t know a native language, why not.
Rahim Karim, Kyrgyzstan

One thought on “MY NATIVE LANGUAGE / Poem by Rahim Karim

  1. it is so beautiful… loved presentation…Feel proud
    Sunday,30th August 2020

    Feel always proud
    and say it loud
    you belong to native place
    that is known as a special race

    as native, you feel the pulse
    the language enriches you with resource
    the knowledge of an additional language serves the purpose
    but never lose control over own source

    sometimes, half-knowledge proves fatal
    you are called a total failure
    as you not only lack the control
    but can’t bridge the gulf through a unique call

    if you are a master folk
    you can walkthrough
    all the customs and usages
    and thus manage the link

    additional knowledge helps a lot
    you are never caught unaware
    performance is very much fare
    you always dare for real presentation

    Dr Jadiia Hasmukh

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