THE CORE OF MY BEING / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia



I will no longer peer
into my soul
to understand the motions
of my heart
where they come from
which are their roots
the reasons of their often
strange unknown passages
I’ve tried so many times
but to look inward
is how to turn my gaze
to the whole universe
while going with my thoughts
further and further
My soul less known to my Self
than the dark voids
beyond the wide horizon
And now I want no more
going on querying
to crucify or offer it incense
but silently listen and
hold in due account
its emotions and feelings
It is it that dominates my life
not me to be the master of it
It’s there the core of my being
and to it I’ll bow
with respect and attention

@ Maria Miraglia-

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