Alfred Prufrock / Poem by Mohammad Mohi Uddin

Poem by Mohammad Mohi Uddin
Alfred Prufrock
In the front line of the stage; on the aligned chair,
Self-acknowledged Captains sit on there.
The presenter leads off the episode of introduction;
On everyone’s face- the pride of winning crown.
The premier one is the Iron man – He’ll bring out bloom of hope cutting stone;
Second one is the olive’s twig – who will retain name of nation; in the heroic semen.
Third one is the hero of Al-Mahmud – will come-back taking the lost nose ring at hand.
Side’s one is the shadow of Nazrul – will split earth and horizon.
Next one is the inheritor of Lalin – will sustain the nobility of labourer’s hydrosis.
Last one is the spokesman of Linkon- will provide bows of communism to Bond slaves.
Riding the time machine; T.S. Eliot has appeared, with rubicund eyes and face ;
Pointing out forefinger said,
“All of your name is Alfred Prufrock here.”

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