Poem Duet: SPRING FEVER / Poem by Prof. Dr. Ram Sharma & Eden Soriano Trinidad


By: Eden S Trinidad and Dr. Ram Sharma


Eden S Trinidad

Spring comes
Its splendor sprawl around
And bliss fills the nature again…


Dr. Ram Sharma

Nature has dressed green saree,
white, red, yellow-colored flowers,
have made its border,


Eden S Trinidad

Our eyes in the morning unfold gently
and our ears pleasured to listen to the hymns
of the mesmerizing beauty of the Creation.


Dr. Ram Sharma

The cuckoo is singing in the trees,
all these are welcoming the spring,
All are praying goddess Sarawati,
all have sung auspicious songs,


Eden S Trinidad

“Wellsprings of living water flows”
God’s mercies and goodness never fails
We delight and drink in Spring
A new beginning, splendid blessings.


Dr. Ram Sharma

The noise of birds, the naughtiness of wind,
all have come to welcome spring,
New zeal, new weather, new environment,
We welcome you o! spring.

All Rights Reserved
August 31, 2020

2 thoughts on “Poem Duet: SPRING FEVER / Poem by Prof. Dr. Ram Sharma & Eden Soriano Trinidad

  1. Spring-Magic all over
    Wednesday, September 2, 2020
    7:46 AM

    Why spring should lag behind?
    when nature is very kind
    for us to find substance and spirit
    and welcome it with an enthusiasm to greet

    we may claim to be an intelligent human being
    but what brings a surprise to cuckoo?
    not only tree shakes its branches
    but leaves, too, move close by inches

    so it is spring fever
    spreading its magic all over
    its only aim is to bring cheers
    and give a message to nature’s lovers

    it has tremendous appeal
    and you feel pul behind it
    it has an attraction
    to feel good as human

    who shall not like blossom?
    when flowers have a boom!
    bringing divine change in the thought perception
    an enhance the personal ambition

    so spring is fever
    with fragrance and fervour
    to live with an honour
    and bring in an appreciation for nature

    Dr Jadia Hasmukh
    Courtesy: Eden S. Trinidad

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