Dusk of Life / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn


Dusk of Life

Cutting through an igneous rock
Your tender tendrils probing my still smarting heart
Ambers of eventide blushing beneath damp monsoon -sodden eyelids
The chakor calling its mate relentlessly badgering on the vault of the azure
Peeping stars voyeuristically brazen
New dramas unfolding with jet black chaadars (sheets )of night
Hobbling home ,my lame yearnings
Of a still to be discovered Paradise
By another Columbus lost on the seas !

It was a new sensation in a frozen world
A cartwheel of emotions pestering for doorways
To reignite the furnace in a hilltop cottage
Ravaged by storms and shaken by typhoons
Thunderbolts of lightning waiting to burn
A golden pathway of love and light
On parchments of sepia in halls of dusk .

Copyright Lily Swarn 2.8.2017

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