Raimonda Moisiu (Albania – USA)

Raimonda Moisiu (Albania – USA)


Raimonda Moisiu is an albanian –american author, poet, and freelancer journalist. She was born, on February, 21st, 1957, in Korca city, Albania,-actually she lives in Jacksonville, Florida USA.
After graduating in English Literature & Linguistics from the University Of Tirana Albania, she worked in her hometown for several years teaching of English language. In 1999, Raimonda Moisiu emigrated from Albania to America, and she is mentioned as one of the Albanian-American based author in exile. She’s published till now nineteen books in prose, journalism and lyrical poetry. She is author and coauthor of eight national and international anthologies. Friendliness of art and literature, it has become a very successful author, poet and freelancer journalist.
Also she is a freelance journalist for “Illyria” ‘Dielli”, (The Sun), New York, and ‘Kuvendi”(Assembly) Detroit Michigan, USA. For Albanian Press as ” Tirana Observer”, vise AMERICANEYEY.AL, “Fjala e Lire”, London, United Kingdom, “Albanian Mail”, in London, Kosovo and Albanian website on line…
She has lived in Hartford CT, for 17 years, now she lives in Jacksonville Florida. She speaks and writes fluently Albanian, English, Russian, French, and Italian, some Greek, Turkish and Spanish.

The Editions of the Albanian –American author, poet, freelancer and journalist, Raimonda MOISIU

Published Works-Books

-” Jeta mes dy dashurive”, (Living my life between two countries”), (Narratives stories and journalism)
-“Dashuria nuk ka emër” (Love has no name'”, Lyric poetry)
-“Pafajësia e Evës” (“Eva’s innocence”, novel)
-“Sikur s’më ke puthur kurrë, (“Bet you’ve never been kissed like this” lyric poetry)
-“Gërhitja e gjeneraleve” (“Lieutenants’ tremendous growl”, Journalism articles)
– Duke kërkuar Ardianën” (Adriana’s Life Story, Narratives and essays)
-“Lulëkuqja e egër”, (‘’Wild Poppies”), 2011 (lyric poetry in Albanian, English, Greek and Italian language)
-“Gjëmimi i moshave” (“Thunder of ages”, Narratives)
– Maska e intelektit”, (“The Mask of the intellectual”, Essays, reportage & literary critics)
-“Letrat shqipe këtej e përtej Atlantikut” (“Albanian Letters Across the Atlantic”- a collection of sixty one interviews in Albanian language and several in English.
-“…s’i them askujt, (“Don’t Tell Anyone”-Novel), 2018
-“Në gjurmë të fjalës”, (“In the search for the literary elements”, Essays & studies in literary criticism), 2019
-“Gazetaret shqiptare në SHBA”, (An Anthology of Albanian -American Female journalists in USA), 2018
-Co-author of literary anthologies (with lyrical poems):
-“Itaka e Fjalës” , (“Ithaca’s stream”)
-“Zemra Prindërore”,(“To the Heart Parents”)
-“Tempulli i fjalës”, (“Temple word”-in Romanian language
-“Tregime”, (“Narrative stories”)
-“Nëna”, (“The mother”)
-“Olimpi Shqiptar”, (“Albanian Olympus)
-Fluturime Poetike, (Ars Poetica)
– “Ali Podrimja, Pavdekësia e Poetit”, (“Ali Podrimja; The Immortality of Poetry)
Five lyrical poems of poetess, Raimonda Moisiu,- were selected by Balkan International Poetry Festival 2009, known as well as Struga Poetry Evenings, – is generally considered to be the most successful festival of its respective years. Published in the Anthology of World Literature: ‘Who’s Who, titled “Poetry of Five Continents.

In the process of publication:

-Author interviews, the second one-145 interviews
-The Collected Essays, Journalism, reportage and Letters of the author,
-The second book with stories – Based on a real –life event.
-The second book of the best poems – in Albanian and English language.

List of awards and nominations received by Raimonda Moisiu

-First Prize for Literary Reportage by FotjonArt
-Second Prize for Best Story -by Albanian Virtual Forum.
-Third Prize -Cadmus -for the best column interview by Pellegrino-Athens Greece.
-Winner of the “Balkan First Award ” at Balkan Poetry Evenings, in Korcha, Albania
-“First Balkan Prize”, nominated as “Goddess of Love”, Special Prize, and First Prize in several editions of Korcha Poetry Nights.
“Petro Marko Prize” for the best story, by Assembly Magazine, Detroit Michigan USA,
“Rose Theohari Prize” -for Journalism articles
“Fan S. Noli Prize” – for Journalism articles
“Migjeni Prize”- for the best lyrical poetry by Assembly Journal, Detroit Michigan USA
“First Prize’ for the “Best Poetry” by editor-in-chief of Nositi Journal, Pogradec, Albania
-Special Award by City of Vushtrri, at the Festival of Poetess in Vushtrri, Kosovo, and her poem, “I can’t anymore” was selected as the best poetry- by “At’ Gjecovi Festival, 2009” in Zym, Has, Kosovo.
Friendliness of art and literature, it has become a very successful author, poet and freelancer journalist.


A white dove

A far –off daydream pecked gladly
Like a white dove, at the window memory,
With two hearts in its beak, like two roses,
And in his crop, a chest full of memories!

Beyond the darkness, seeking warmth anyplace,
‘Cause I felt so alone and so cold,
And noticed the sadness in dove’s eyes!
What a peaceful bird!
With white wings!

The white dove broke the glass with its nails,
So you entered and looked me in the eyes,
Embraced me with open arms,
Getting a thousand hugs and kisses,
But you still remained the same…motionless!

Once the blue eyes glanced at me,
With sadness and tears,
Then taking a late night flight,
To another world!
With my prayers of a broken heart,
I pleased you:
“Please, please do not go!
Stay a little longer! I’m still a slave
To your love!


Those wrinkles of sadness…

As the years passed so quickly,
Just as melting ice-cubes,
Earned those wrinkles of sadness
And like a tired butterfly wandered
Through the mist of memories!
The scars that’s left behind,
Made me feeling hopeless,
They will never fade away!

Another year has gone by,
And here it comes another one,
Overwhelmed and exhausted…!
. -.
Out loud yelling at the sky,
Stepping so hard my feet on the ground,
An endless century filled with pain,
That slashes so hard upon the chest
Where the waves of lust rise within,
Anger, vanity and greed!
The path is strewn with thorns, pawns,
What’s more, the insatiable of cupidity!
. -.
Now it’s time for a change that lead
To the new beginnings and new dreams,
Like a blue lightning that raw and rusted,
Through an unexpected beauty,
Illusions in darkness once more enslaved
The tears of a broken hearted soul
Falling down like pouring rain!
. -.
Those wrinkles of sadness on a pale face,
My pulse throbs, my temples burn,
Of that never-ending noise in the ears!
Between the righteous and the loyalty;
The choice is mine!
‘Cause I’d like to hold my head up high,
For you and for me!
. -.
As the light of God shines, thus,
The truth shines through these verses,
It shines the hills and valley of life,
In the light of eternity, as in old times!
Not in heaven, on earth we will be reunited,
Beneath a wet palm tree, singing a serenade,
For a fresh start with a new romance!


Why there is so much hate in the world?

Hey, World of hatred,
Just stay far away from me,
With my broken hearted
As I walk this land where I find
No peace, no joy, no happiness!
The hate sounds strange to me,
That disturbs me with memories!

Hey, World of hatred,
Just stay far away from me,
In the death pit, please
Stay away from me,
Of quenching my thirst,
Into the endless abyss,
No more steps towards
An unknown world!

Oh, I wonder,
How much freedom you’d need,
That just wants to get
Revenge about revenge, and
Keep coming after me, but
I don’t even want coming your way!

As rather than like a black cat,
Just like a hinge match, that
No one can fix it, where
It’s tarnished with dust and rust,
It’s no wonder,
That the hatred still exists!

Why there is so much hate in the world?

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