Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy



By force of politics, religion, community and all one can’t
Ever think, speak and work to live natural life to absolute;
According to one’s nature only, one can live emotional or
Intellectual or spiritual life for harmonious human growth!

That is how natural way of living possible by love and is
How all have to live to have full growth of heart, mind
And soul to achieve absolute state as ultimate point of
Reality to be one with the Universal Spirit source and end!

Loving way of doing things is like the bird that naturally
Flies to live a life of fulfilment in Nature all are born
For in the world to know, realize and fulfil in human life
As all are unique in creation to go ahead for liberation!

Liberation of soul to have union with Universal Spirit is
Possible by natural love in thoughts, words and deeds sure!



Just economic development by technology and strengthening of
Military power only increase rivalry, hatred and sense of
Domination whether natural resources exploited for greed or
Development, the progress of world does not lead to peace!

Literacy and education need to be provided having those
Points in view so that morality, discipline, friendship
And love unite all classes of people as one humanity to
Pave the way for sure peace, prosperity, progress, unity!

Knowledge by world class education can enlighten all where
The world has deviated from peace and progress and bring
all to see reality as it is to put an end to hunger, poverty,
Unemployment and save world and humanity from sure disaster!

The international literacy day makes mind to think over real
Problem of world humanity and how to make correction for good!


Natural Religious Faith Only Help All Live In Love Ever!

Religious faith depends upon natural desire and belief in life;
Conversion by force or love cannot help have faith sans fear;
Natural realization of God only makes one awfully worship in
Gratitude for liberation of soul in love and joy quite unique!

Natural love of one Universal God of spiritual energy making
all Stars, planets and living beings function makes one to be
Clear about the divine being and go ahead for completion of
One’s life well enjoying real bliss in Nature with hope high!

True love of the divine heart, mind and soul develops real
Spiritual progress of everyone to be clear about one’s end
Or destiny or ultimate reality with hope, confidence and
True faith sans any fear or doubt ever in the world sure!

Liberty in having faith only make one love all and live with
Peace, joy and sure hope through out one’s life and after too!



Going to happen or ever in suspense, dream of love life is
Quite romantic to indulge in imagination and reverie too
To kindle interest in life so as to pull on the days sure
Better than before whether living single or joint family!

Dream of every individual is one’s own personal property
One can handle in any manner one likes to materialize in
The course of time the object one cherishes most in life;
Life is living and if it’s lived as to dream is heaven!

Wishing too much or practicality depends upon one’s own
Personality, wisdom and ambition in the world life ever;
There it becomes a great adventure to take risks so that
One’s dream can be successful or just a dream only ever!

In anyway, dream of love life, comedy or tragedy, has a
Special place in everyone’s heart that loves romance…!

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