The Grasshopper / Poem by Aneeta Chitale

Poem by Aneeta Chitale
The Grasshopper
The grasshopper winked and played all summer, spring and windy days
He mocked at the birds, butterflies, ants, sea turtles –he teased –
Who walked at snails speed, basked on sunny shores,
He summersaulted on green n brown barns and
He laughed at the woodpecker’s hardwork and shunned to do his own work
He sure new the easy way out to live and peek a boo with butterflies!
The proud grasshopper boasted of it’s long green wings and glides into the big vistas
The wriggly ugly caterpillar had a curse to lay quiet for four days
Sans bright light and colorful sprite, she was slow, sticky wicky and lay on leaves, breezy wacky- on sunny charm
The beautiful birds whispered stories of tulips, roses and green screws Of viny yards, caterpillar dreamt of these heavenly valleys n oceans
It metamorphosed into a golden, glow with myriad hues- to fly free now , the wise turtle told stories of 7 oceans to her friends in their blog- where all these friends twittered!
She had whispered to them “There is a climate change”…The Rain forests were burning, the continents were raging, torrential rains shattered homes of men and animals in fury
The human beings had turned to demons, forgotten to love and care for Mother Earth!
The vain grasshopper had no where to go, he had lost his blog!
Theme:  WISDOM
All Rights Reserved @ Poet Aneeta Chitale aka (Shanita Vichare)

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