Poems by Laurent Caroline Turunc

Poems by Laurent Caroline Turunc



I came to you on a rainy day
Unlimited rainbow in colors
My body and hair aside
After the red mountains beyond green
The horizon of death is drawn from the ground

I came to you on a rainy day
Despite the waves sleeping with tears
Chained from the thin part of my heart
Holding my breath the smell of death in the clouds

I came to you on a rainy day
Because you are life
I am a poem



Did you think I was dead soil?
No sound for the flowers standing on it.
In this extraordinary land, my heart, my skin, my lungs smell deep in my heart
Why do you want to dry my skin…
Why am I in a hurry
Like an orphaned child after his mother’s death..

How fast do you beat the breakup song
I didn’t make anyone kiss me but me
I didn’t become a sucker to those who think about tomorrow and those who hold sin in their hands.
Why do you want to scream and kill
Between the dark silence of big walls

O God, I have reached every level of kindness and kindness and became one of those who believe
To forgive, I bowed down without thinking small and big
I wish you had built heaven and hell again
There are those who come back and think they won’t come.

Believers tend to leave the Rhyme system
When can a piece of land leave another piece of land?
If only share and partnership were.
Wouldn’t God have a partner too?

I am patient, don’t feel sorry for my mercy and what I didn’t say
Now you treat me like an abandoned land
I don’t inherit from my father and mother
Every inch of my land is red and green emerald
The wind directing Dervish poems to rivers
Your sadness, your hopes, your emotions!
As long as life exists.



Bird Beyond Ages!
The sky is heading towards a honeymoon
Looks like a bronze wheat field
To the gardens with no staple and no branch
Just like my identity beyond ages
Tears into sandstorm

The beginning of the night was the voice of the bird in the fields
Floor floor grouped according to dates
Olive and bay in front of windows
Wisdom heart and garden trees
Although many philosophers are homeland

Names of trees that travel anonymous
Just like barren lands…
They allocated it into classes like spicy stones
Dirty river water flowing through the root veins
And an orphan child behind every desire

They call an angry name when the shahs whine
My Arab is in the city of prophets
Derby outside, sun, and moon bed

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