INTIMATE TALK / Poem by Natalia Govsha

Listen for the pervasive silence. Listen…
You’ll hear the sounds of souls, invisible.
They are like innocent children.
They only tell the truth and cannot lie.
We came into this life from other lives.
We live on earth by our own measured beats.
Sometimes, we stomp the sun with our feet.
Sometimes, we reproach our God –
What have you done?
You have made flowers better than man.
Why is the world without tenderness?…
Sometimes we ask about everything
and trustingly we speak with Him.
I want to be a breeze to run along the trees.
We become whatever our memories are.
Where does the time go? In gray hair?
Where do the shadows go? Shadows follow me.
Some people have shutters in their hearts.
Old people are tired kids.
Sometimes we ask about very secret things –
“My God, why do I exist?”…
…I listen to the movement of their thoughts and signs.
One of these fine days my soul will add a sound
to this inaudible choir …
©Natalia Govsha

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