HAYAT SHAMİ (Shamiyeva Hayat) – Azerbaijan

HAYAT SHAMİ (Shamiyeva Hayat) – Azerbaijan


Ph. Dr Hayat  Shami (Shamiyeva Hayat)  Azerbaijan

Hayat Shami was born in the  Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.  She graduated from Baku State University. She lives in Baku and works in National Television and Radio Broadcasting. Hayat Shami has 4 poetry books, and one scientific book too.



Sometimes I leave the city…
I go to the Caspian
Contacting it at a short distance.
It is a great sea,
And it as a drop also…
Sometimes waving and splashing on my face
I ask you,It says
he does not offend me any more,
he became more sensible…
There was tsunami last time-
Carried along everything:
Carried along you, me…
Your telephone that you didn`t like,
My car that I loved.
Your lips that touched my ears,
My stones, my memories,
My thoughts,
My wieghts and heaviness…
And I aslo so relieved and empitied-after all,
You were my everything…

I was freed from this world,
I was freed from You and from myself…
We were lost and disappeared…
When I stood from the coast and came back home
I saw you were at home…
Oh, my lord!
Let Tsunami drive this love!

(translation to English: Kamran NEZERLİ)


Give the name…

Let the Ozan play our melody,
Give the name yourself…
Give the name to our nest
Pulled down by yourself…

Give the name to
Your missing a little .
To your getting into a wax,
To your flowing from eyes to heart…

Tears inside of my eyes
I hope the ways will bring you.
Give the name to
Our unborn child…

This was destiny…Now that was the end of it.
My love is as a knot in my throat
Put the woman whom you love into your heart,
Give the name yourself…


Have a smell of me…

Let me become a nice angel,
At times have a smell of me.
Hide me behind of your eyes
Keep me inside of your heart.
Stretch out your arms how much you want
Twine yourself round me…
Have a smell of me deeply
Until your soul is seen in your mouth.

If parting wounds your feelings deeply
If your eyes are covered with water-plants,
I haven’t a mother for to shed tears for me
If I pass away you mourn for me.

Drive away black clouds
Then forget to mourn me.
Resolve a wish in your heart
Then tie me tightly to a tree….



How you dared to come
I can’t see you
You are in other side of the door.

You have put on a mask
The mask that you have put on now
Doesn’t suit you.

You are like an old book
It is the covering that has changed .
I have read you for thousand times
From head to foot –
What news?
You have got a lot of things
Which I haven’t seen…
Which I haven’t felt …
Which I haven’t read…
Which doesn’t belong to both of us…

You are like a world event
Which hasn’t been published anywhere.


Wipe my eyes ….

The adultery that you tasted
Keeps silence on your lips.
It is hidden inside of your eyes,
It is beating in your heart.
I can see it with my blind eyes…

Wipe me eyes
And give me a cup of tea
As hot as this love.
My tongue and mouth are parched.
Don’t leave me.
As soon as you leave me
My love is knotted
In my throat.
I feel empty,
I can’t swallow.

Kiss my heart
For my love started from there.
Just now I have got a stitch in my heart…

Kiss me from the point my face grew
Let your cold lips
Become earring on my ears…

(December 2011)

(Translation to English : Sevil GULTEN)

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