Marija Najthefer Popov (Serbia)

Marija Najthefer Popov (Serbia)

Marija Najthefer Popov was born in Sivac (Backa, Vojvodina, Serbia) on March 11, 1958. Since 1996, she lives and creates in Zrenjanin. Until now, she has been published in more than a hundred joined, domestic and international poetry collections; published in several domestic and foreign journals and translated into several languages.
Her first independent collection of poems, “I WRITE A WOMAN”, was published in 2018. The motive behind her poetry are Rose and Woman in all their beauty and splendor… Love is the initiator of everything!
I met you
In the rose garden
Like a bee that hovers to suck
Nectar and take pollen powder,
To use for honey, royal jelly,
I brought you into myself,
To fertilize my life
And each breath of future.
My dream of you
(in sign of rose
royal, unreal beautiful
in all my splendor)
Was like a castle hidden
in the rose garden, all mine.
My dream of you,
longing, identical to barefoot dance
At the ball of roses,
Or walk through the rose garden
When darkness covers
Beauty of the roses.
Roses become strippers
Casting their petals away!
With intoxicating aroma
They flood senses,
Until the down of my desire.
On my skin, rose oil
And your hands, the rose thorns,
Only a bloody trail remained,
While I walked my first walk
Through the rose garden…
My Secret
… and you choked thread swallowed an apple,
It is a hidden secret and feelings of mine,
I’m running around,
I’d like to get out of your way,
So that the embers of my eye may not restrain you,
Though wanting you badly,
As a drowning man catches at a straw
As a ship in a storm seeks a calm sea or a harbor,
I wanting to hand you this, I release the clamp,
You once clamped passionately, strongly,
I loved you to the extent of madness,
I’m running, guessing I will once more
I beg you to turn this off,
Ward off the flame that swallows me …
If you ever leave me,
Just think or desire once,
I’m on your chest,
Let the leeches touch another’s hand
Else they will suck you all blood
Think! If only you leave me,
Build a bridge
On dangerous waters,
And dam someone else’s hand.
You ever admit to yourself,
Peel the skin off,
It smells like your bloodstream,
My wound,
A flower without the sun
That does not open.
To whom should I tell,
And where I should escape?
Rest my head in middle of the chest,
Wherefrom he sighs,
If ever you forget I shall get choked.
Here I Am For You
I walked parallel to the sea,
Along the rising waves,
Somewhere we could see the wild coast,
And the coveted shipwreck.
You and I…finally…
I crawled now icy
Then on hot rocks,
But I didn’t I hit you
As at the Achilles’ heel,
It’s hot
Fire in your veins,
Poison scampers,
It is the spell of my imagination,
I crawled into your coat sleeve,
To get you below the lapel,
Intended to live alone,
Under the roof of your hat,
Nothing else matters to me,
Just keep me aware,
Shelter me in the roots of your hair,
In the deepest spot.
Let me burn you on top
Of the glowing vistas,
While looking for me,
From your own fire,
My fire doesn’t go out,
Take care of me
For in solitude
When everything falls apart,
I wish for tenderness
Honestly… here I am
And, here I am for you….

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