Poems by Agshin Mistanli

Poems by Agshin Mistanli
The flame of love has fallen in my heart,
There is no room for love in me.
It does not fit in my heart, it does not fit in my heart.
My heart is burning with love.
What do I need love at this age,
I don’t have the strength to love anyway.
I stare at everyone,
I have never been loved.
My gaze does not shine as before,
The wilderness eats the wilderness, my heart.
An aging spirit in aging skin,
He sees me upside down, upside down.
No more days like before,
Destroyed by day, devastated by night.
How the day begins, how the day ends,
I was almost indifferent to everything.
It always seems that time stands still,
It’s as if life suddenly faded.
I don’t know what to say, I’m done.
I mean, I’m tired.
Akbar crowned his love,
Semira planted a hanging garden for love.
Farhad proved that he climbed the rock,
Khosrovsa chewed on the throne for love.
Caius was mad and fell into the desert,
He took offense at life in the wilderness.
Leyli cried out, left,
He cried so much that the light of his eyes was over.
What an unjust world, the world you see,
He lifts the patch and takes it to heaven.
Keep up the good work every day,
It makes him worse day by day.
I’ve never seen you as beautiful,
O beauty lay in my heart.
O squinting eyes, wrinkled lips,
My heart pounded.
Sanmaki, my heart is open to everyone,
Only you took my heart.
I was asleep, I was fast asleep,
You came to make my heart flutter.
Views often confuse people,
Your views are not lies.
Look is not given to look,
My feelings are chewing on me.
If I were your age,
Believe me, he would ruin his life.
I would hit the Caspian Sea alone,
I would pour out my heart with love.

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