Poems by Inge Boulonois (Netherlands)

Poems by Inge Boulonois (Netherlands)
Meeting place for arrival and departure.
Bikes, cars, smartphones, bags and legs
are impatiently waiting. Eyes often jumping
towards the point where rails are fading.
Posters are screaming for attention.
Empty candy bags and cigarette packs
are lying everywhere on the platform.
In the distance the sound of iron wheels
is approaching. People are rushing
to the edge of the platform. The intercity
stops. Doors hiss open, passengers are
pushing to get off, others get in.
In no time, after just a short whistle,
the train disappears from sight.
An old book is resting on a station
bench, like a precious object
surrounded by an excess of emptiness.
Idiom of happiness
Do not seek and you will find.
Just avoid the eternal battlefield
of knowing better. Don’t fall
into the trap of verbal dispute
and don’t use Babylonian speech.
Curb the snake of your own
tongue. Laugh all boasters away.
Open your ears for the love
songs of birds. Hear happy cats
purring. Relax in the hammock
of yourself. Look around you,
observe all points of the compass
and see: the permanent changing
of reflecting light –
Still tied to the dike the keel
is dozing in the dark greyness.
A new day tinkles softly,
the old sun silvers the long mast.
A grebe is rowing through endless
time and water starts to ripple.
No more waiting. All moorings
are released, the dike leaks away
towards the horizon while the wind
is shipping a solitary sheep cloud.
The view caresses the senses.
Eyes become heaven and water,
decorated with white seagulls
and flakes of sails, mirrors
in the vastness of the lake.
The boat is coming home too –

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