Faraway / Poem by Sunita Paul

Poem by Sunita Paul



Far away from here
Take me along with you my dear
Where there is no war and hatred
Where there’s no grief or bloodshed
Far away from here, wish I could find my mother’s lap to sleep
A cosy nook I want, to dive into thoughts deep
Close to nature, birds would sing, flowers bloom bright
I want to live with you ever after with no one’s in sight
Far away from here let’s go
To that Neverland
Where everything is so beautiful and grand
We would weave our love nest
A place where our mind can be at peace and rest
Far away from here take me where I can rest upon you my head
We can count the stars at night from our open air bed
Our careless whispers while we laugh out loud at some silly jokes
Your caressing touches free me of all ugly worldly pokes
If I have to go far away with someone
Then it’s only you my special one

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