Taghrid Fayad (Lebanon)

Taghrid Fayad (Lebanon)

Taghrid Fayad is a Lebanese poetess, but she was born in Kuwait and stayed there for a while. She had published there, her first articles and short stories, in Kuwaiti newspapers at the age of 13. After that she had moved to Beirut, and studied there: 1- English Literature and translation- 2- Psychology (Clinical) -3- Media.
She later moved to Egypt in 2005, and is still living there. She is a poetess, a writer, and a translator. She has published 3 poetry books, and a short stories book, in Cairo, and became a member of the Egypt Writers Union. Taghrid is planning to publish her first novel, a fourth poetry book, in addition to her first poetry book in English “Follow your Dreams”.
She had established a cultural forum in Cairo, since 2015, that is held on monthly basis. It discusses important cultural, artistic, literary, in addition to some educational issues, through the first part of the event, then continues with a poetic and musical evening, in the second half. A lot of poets, writers, artists, journalists, diplomats, academic experts in various fields, and educated people from different Arab and African countries have participated in its sessions.


As Simple as That

The day usually ends,
As simple as that!
The sun usually rises,
As simple as that!
The sky is blue, as the sea is too!
Simple facts,
In our system they are!
Which nobody can change,
As simple as that!
She the dreaming soul,
Dreamt once to change!
To replace colors!
To grow trees in the clouds!
To braid the sun’s rays,
As a crown!
To engulf people with love!
To do all that was to her,
As simple as that!
She did not notice,
That waking up, can vanish dreams,
As simple as that!
And can hurt even more,
As simple as that!!


Being in love…is the second turn to hell..!!
Being in love is the softest…weakest case of all…
To be in love, is to open a hole for all…!!!
All pain…all joy…all suffering…all happiness!!
And the most of all…all hope…!!!
Being in love is the next turn to hell…
Since living is the first wide gate…
Being in love is the second worst thing in life…
Since marriage is the first worst thing…!!!
To be in love, means having no choices
Of to be or not to be…!!!
Love is the tempest…that does it all…!!!

Do we have a choice?

There might have been a girl,
There might have been an angel,
Or else the devil himself impersonated!
What right, can a human claim?
In a hole full of mazes!
In what way can you express? And not confess,
The thing that is destined to lead
To hell, or to paradise, it doesn’t matter,
Two faces to one coin.
As sparkling as the diamond,
Our lives can be, from outside,
And as stinky as a rotten apple,
Our luck can be.
Can we choose? Can we select?
Only dead bodies can reply!

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