The Last Leaf / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad
The Last Leaf
A poet asked me,
to pen a poem on Autumn
To glow my gadgets
like the colors of Autumn leaves;
I want to inscribe a poem
depicting the beauty
of Autumn in Tirana
But in the Philippines Autumn
is not known
We only have the outpouring of tears
from heaven and eruptions of emotions
and the perfect paint of hues
and the splendor of blues.
Autumn is like poets
“speaking beyond the rhymes
and syntax of their verses,” *
Verses that intends to confuse
hiding the true meaning
for readers to unfurl but couldn’t.
The leaves of thoughts cascade like Autumn leaves
Reminds me of the lovely Cascades song,
with the last leaf clinging to the bough
Hope still glowing with that one last leaf
her lover promised she’ll be home soon.
Autumn took over Humanity for so long now,
and no signs yet of letting the new season to come
we live in solitude, silence, gadgets accompanied us, yet
May the fading shades of glorious Autumn strengthen our hearts
Waiting to unleash the victory generated by Autumns in life.
*Doc Penpen Pentasi B
Eden Soriano Trinidad
October 25, 2020

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