LET’S TALK… / Poem by Natalia Govsha

Poem by Natalia Govsha
Take Burgundy
and I’ll take
a few drops of Brandy
and we will talk…
Or maybe
we’ll keep quiet about life.
Life ours
is already
on its golden path.
It has already left
that multicolored maze.
How many golden steps
are in front of our face?…
How many…
Look at our sky –
just recently, our heavens
were so deep and high.
And now they are getting lower.
And now they embrace us
with downy clouds
and call us – “It’s time to rest,
It’s time to come back home”.
But I …
I don’t want to, not yet.
I am not ready yet.
I am both – Earth and Heavens.
I’m here and I am there,
at the same time.
I want to stay and I want to leave …
the red and golden carpet
of bygone leaves
on the cold ground.
This autumn threw off her rainbow dress
and laid bare the ashes of her naked truth.
©Natalia Govsha

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